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Times Square Yearbook

A Get Schooled Original Event

Times Square Yearbook recognizes students in America's smallest towns and biggest cities who are future changemakers. They nominate themselves to be featured in on the Get Schooled digital billboard in Times Square New York. Get Schooled features 350 students in this year's #TimesSquareYearbook (2017) and award $10,000 in college scholarships to extraordinary entries. This year, the celebrity sponsor was DJ Khaled.

MY ROLE: Content team contributor. This included, creating the graphic digital assets, look, and feel of the campaign which were included in the digital press kit and promotion, assisting in the design and creation of the actual billboard slide for each student, selecting students to be featured on the billboard, creating promotional materials for social media, collecting video assets at the actual event, and editing the sizzle video featured below.


Seattle, WA, USA



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