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Dominican Republic


During my graduate study at Elon university (2014-2015) I, along with my classmates, participated in a Project for the Public Good. We were split into 5 groups, each contained 7-9 students with one faculty member, and each group went to a different country to work with a non-profit in need of help establishing a web presence. It was a 5 month project, beginning in late August 2014 to January of 2015. Each student had their own role. The project primarily took place in the United States, however, a portion of it was spent abroad to collect assets for the website we built. 

My group worked with CRÉELA. Creaciones Ecologicas La Colonia (CRÉELA) is a women's cooperative based in Cotuí, Dominican Republic. The co-op, which has 25 members, meets weekly in Cotuí. During meetings, the women work on their bags, discuss personal and group concerns, and enjoy each other's company. Profits from the bags go directly to the women and their families. For many, selling bags is their main source of income. Sale of the bags helps the women support their families, pay for education, and support La Colonia, their neighborhood and community.

MY ROLE: I was elected as Project Manager for my group. In this capacity I was responsible for assigning each team member a role, making sure each role was executed effectively and worked cohesively with other roles, setting and facilitating team meetings, working directly with the client to establish and ensure a clear vision and representation of the client's organization, approving all finished content and layouts, and presenting the final product to a board of directors.


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