My Role: Campaign & Design Lead

In August of 2018, Get Schooled launched the #BackToSchool Campaign. The goal of this campaign was to grow the Get Schooled community by obtaining new student and educator accounts while providing schools with the opportunity to earn money for school supplies. 

As Campaign & Design Lead, I was responsible for creating the look and feel of the campaign, tracking sign-ups, monitoring our progress to reaching our goals, providing weekly updates to schools participating in the campaign, designing email templates used to communicate with educators on a weekly basis, creating social ads, and delegating tasks to our three man team, all of which can be viewed below!

Launch Date: August 13, 2018

End Date: September 14, 2018

Core Messaging: Schools will earn $1 for every new student or educator account created on Get Schooled

Goal 1: 100 Participating Schools

Goal 2: 2100 new student + educator accounts created on Get Schooled

Goal 3: 30% overall engagement


Goal 1: 94 schools entered the campaign =  94% to goal

Goal 2: 8,423 new student + educator accounts were created on Get Schooled = Goal Exceeded

Goal 3: 77% overall engagement = Goal Exceeded

Email Templates

BTS Track Progress.jpg
BTS Thank You Email.jpg
BTS One Week.jpg
BTS Email1.jpg
BTS 1 Day.jpg
BTS 3 Days.jpg
BTS Final Winners.jpg

Site Images and Banners

BTS Thank You.jpg
BTS Progress Tracker Dash.jpg
BTS Email Header.jpg
BTS Dash2.jpg
BTS Dash3.jpg
BTS Dash1.jpg
BTS Banner1.jpg
BTS Banner3.jpg
BTS Banner 2.jpg

Social Ads

BTS Ad4.jpg
BTS Ad3.jpg
BTS Ad 1.png
BTS Ad8.png
BTS Ad 6.jpg
BTS Ad 2.png
BTS Ad7.png
BTS Ad5.jpg
BTS Ad9.png

Ask Letters

BTS Sponsor Ask.jpg
BTS Email2.jpg


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